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Where are you on this continuum?

Wellness Continuum

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Struggles with weight, back pain, headaches, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress are hard enough alone, 

. . . they can also cause reduced productivity, reduced mobility, fears, relationship problems and a muddled mind. 

It is time to move to “High Level Wellness” with Katherine Rubin Wellness Coaching

ferocious focus on your health

What you will do: Meet weekly with your coach for 45 – 50 minute sessions in person or on the phone.  You can take a variety of assessments to help you gain a clear picture of different aspects of your health. Examine your options and create your vision. You will learn to manage your health with more confidence because you will have success upon success. Success is gained because you will set realistic goals and have support as you try new things and face obstacles and set backs. You will be challenged to press on to the next step for your optimal wellness.

Outcomes to expect with ferocious focus coaching: Weight loss, increase flexibility, increase strength, improved balance and ability to move around, increased endurance (improved aerobic abilities), elevated mood, decreased blood pressure and MANY other health improvements based on your current health conditions.     Money Back Guarantee – You WILL have success, I cannot guarantee that you will lose 100% of your weight goal or that all your physical ailments will disappear, however we will begin with objective measurements of many health factors and you will see significant improvements as we re-measure them.

Anatomy of Walking

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– Katherine’s Philosophy on Wellness

We are fortunate to have high quality medical care available to us, however we all know that this is not enough.  I began my career in health with a bachelor’s in Dietetics and worked in hospitals then a medical clinic system working with patients and developing and implementing programs for 25 years.  Here I witnessed the difficulty patients’ face in overcoming health problems; I also witnessed the overuse of medications and traditional medical interventions. Having a strong belief that it is up to the individual to manage their health and knowing that this can be overwhelming, I educated myself as a means to assist people in their quests (See “Coach Katherine” for a list of continuing education).

Ready for change?  Email or call the coach     530.433.3060

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