What is Coaching?

Life coaching is empowerment for change. It is an honoring process which enables you to shine-up the jewels which are already in you. Whether you are crystal clear about your aspirations or only have a vague concept of how to make your life better, a Life Coach can help.

ferocious focus will help you to understand and act from your visions and your values.

  • A coach focuses on the client attaining their potential and builds upon what is already working for them.
  • A coach provides an outside perspective, focus and support to create the changes you long for.
  • A coach acknowledges the client as the expert of their own lives.
  • A coach challenges the client to a higher level of performance while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.
  • The coach and client work together as a team.

Each of us has inside ourselves experiences, knowledge and the ability to attain. I believe that you have the wherewithal to make things happen. You have so many answers, so many ideas and there is so much hope. I am present to help you draw out your answers and your ideas.  I will celebrate with you as you overcome the status quo and road blocks and obtain lasting positive results.


A Space for Yourself! A set time to focus on what is really important.

  • Identify your goals and passions
  • Create plans
  • Explore possibilities and resources
  • Find Solutions

Accountability: “Accountability breeds response-ability” (Steve Covey).

  • Knowing that you will be “reporting” makes it easier to stay on track.

A Safe Place to Talk: As we wish and dream we need someone to hear.

  • Gain perspective. Simply speaking the words helps you to evaluate more clearly.
  • Your energy, thinking and confidence will be piqued by good questions and interest.

Start your Coaching ~ 530.433.3060 or krubin100@yahoo.com 

How is a Coach different from a consultant, mentor, therapy and other helping professions?

Other helping professions were created to help solve problems – where the client is looking for answers and the helper is the authority. Though coaches do incorporate the best aspects of consulting, mentoring, and therapy (e.g. occasionally suggesting new ideas from their intuition, knowledge and experience, providing valuable insight into the client’s experiences or situations, perhaps looking at the past to understand the present), coaches generally work with mentally healthy individuals who seek to improve their lives. In my coaching the emphasis is on assisting the client to create their own visions from their own values and then pull from their strengths to find their own ways to actualize those visions. It is client-driven, very practical and very future oriented.

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