Coach Katherine

Maasai Elder

Maasai Elder

Katherine’s Passions and Philosophy

I love watching dreams come true.   One special dream of my own begins this way. . . . . .    My first full day in Kenya brought me to a small village under the scorching equatorial sun.  At 10 am, 70 people were already waiting for us, many of whom had walked ten or more miles to get there.  Another hundred or so arrived.  They were proud, tall, beautiful Maasai people in gorgeous traditional dress.  I had no idea that the young girls who were carrying babies were the mothers and not the sisters. I did not know the women had been circumcised! I did not know that they sold their women for cows. All I knew was that they were the most attentive audience I had ever spoken to.  All day they sat, listened and asked questions as we taught about communicable diseases and provided HIV testing and medical care.  I knew serving in foreign counties was a dream God had given me years before but that I had to go through a waiting period.  Finally I had this first chance and I pounced on it like a bold lion.  How very grateful I was that day to begin living that deep set dream!

Do you have a dream which has been tucked away?    ~ take the first step, call 530.433.3060

My life coaching philosophies began soon after being hired as a young nutritionist for a health clinic.  I learned that some patients wanted information and would change their diets but others simply came because their doctors told them to see me. In time I learned that I could best help by really listening and assisting them in evaluating their own desires for change and their confidence for change. My favorite group of people to work with was gestational diabetics (they have diabetes only during the pregnancy). Knowing that they only had about three months to follow this diet, they could visualize the steps they needed to take and they always succeeded.  And, when I saw some of them years later, they still kept many of the positive changes they had made.  The key was the desire, focus and confidence of the patient; it was not about being told what to do.

Have you ever worked with a boss who simply told you rules and duties and you had to follow them blindly?  Personally, I prefer to create my own rules and duties whenever possible –  and I believe that is true for all adults.  As a certified childbirth educator I gave clients tools to create practical birth plans to discuss with their doctors.  As grant writer and coordinator for health care and education programs I engaged teams to create work plans which they then accomplished. Whatever the arena, there may be higher standards or authorities which we need to abide by, yet creating our own goals and work plans brings the most fulfillment!

Strategize.  Act.

Education includes:

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Certified Life Coach from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Spenscer Institute
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • Strategic Interventions Based on Human Needs Psychology
  • National Quality Center certified Trainer of Trainers
  • On a personal note, I am very grateful for my health and spiritual peace; I have an abundance of energy which I love to share.


— “One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with a good coach. Coach Katherine has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support — and much humor!. With her gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. She has helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I am down and cheered me on when I am on a roll. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself — without reservation!”
Soud Sarma Pharm.D
President and CEO
Next Door Pharmacy LLC

Why I needed Katherine:  I needed a real, honest, kind, live person to help me realize my life dreams.  I have read many self help books only to be in the same place I was five years ago.  Katherine took an active interest in my personal dreams, ideas and life goals.  In a few sessions these were concretely identified, my personal blockades addressed, and new hope for success was again in the making.  I became aware of the factors which were stifling my success and I opened up to new strategies to overcome them.  These I discussed openly with Katherine and I found this to be of great help to me.  Katherine is a genuinely thoughtful, intuitive and knowledgeable individual whom I highly recommend as a life coach.   Gaia Andersen, retired teacher, current massage therapist and writer.


My experience with Katherine has helped me to see the power of my potential.  She has supported me in clarifying my strengths and weaknesses by giving me her perspective and observations. Then she hailed forth a challenge for me NOT to settle for anything less than what I’m capable of.  This was a pleasant and helpful push that I needed.  She is now in the process of guiding me to make the necessary changes to go in a more productive direction.  I get something out of every session. A. Beattie MA


Reading a book about improvement is okay; but Katherine helped me by asking questions and I answered them which means I had to think deep.  I was able to admit many things about myself that I have hid from many people as well as myself.  Admitting weaknesses and verbalizing how to build them into strengths was an amazing exercise.  Seeing – visualizing, hearing – myself and others and feeling – deep within, what being satisfied with achieving the goals I had set for each area of my life was a special time for me.  I have seen self growth like never before.  My goals are distinct and I can see all the steps which I have taken to reach them.  Though sometimes difficult, it is very gratifying. T.C. -teacher

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