Murder Capital of the World

IMG_6963  – That’s the title given to this city, Juarez, Mexico. May that title be stripped away permanently.  In January, seven of us from Calvary Chapel Chico went to help deliver Christmas gifts (Samaritan Purse – Operation Christmas Child gifts).  Nearly 2,000 impoverished children received shoe-box gifts packed by people with love, shipped by people with love, and delivered by people with love.  Even better, each child has the opportunity to meet with a pastor and other kids for a 12 week program to learn about the Way, the Truth and the Life.IMG_6953

The last place we delivered gifts was an HIV clinic. Some kids had HIV, some had parents with IMG_6989HIV.  Such a joy to love on the kids and parents at this really great clinic.

In 2007 when I went I remember hearing the number of murders on the Saturday I was there was 17.  HOWEVER, this is changing.  It is much safer now.  I know that the many thousands of people throughout the USA and the whole world packing the boxes with love and praying so much for the recipient of the box is doing good.


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