Return to Kenya

IMG_6625Whether morning or night (or both) when bathing I remember my friends in Africa who do not have the luxury of hot water delivered in a tap. Nope, if they are women, they lug it on their heads or backs. They lug coal (or sticks in villages) to heat it too. How blessed we are in the USA. Yet I do long to return to that wondrous though difficult land, and I did feel I was compelled by God to visit one last time before putting my nose to the grind to earn some money. Compelled to give some Christian discipleship to those who gave their lives to Christ last year. Compelled to share the gospel with the Women Equality Empowerment women I worked with, admired and loved so much last year, particularly in the light of losing one of them and heavy sickness in their midst.

Death often comes early in Africa. Incredible sadness.  Amazing resilience too.  I return to the States and see how whimpy we all are…including me.  One reason which makes me want to return is their desire to learn and their appreciation of what I can offer them.

I was able to visit Sammy’s village, he was excited because they had recently harvested maize; thus in the background of the photo, it is being pounded.  In the foreground his mother is weaving a rug.IMG_6830

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3 Responses to Return to Kenya

  1. Nancy Voight says:

    Such precious thoughts. Yes we are whimpy here, and so blessed in so many ways. I love you , sister. May the Lors give you all the desires of your heart! Xo nanc

  2. shari lucas says:

    I love you Kath, and I love your heart! Such simple things that we take so for granted here in our country! How blessed we are! May God Bless you always dear Kathy! Shari

  3. admin says:

    Thank you my sisters.

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