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Before leaving for Kenya last summer, a big hope of mine was to share with the WEEP (Women Equality and Empowerment Program) women about the Old Testament on a weekly basis.  Finally, today was the first of the series at both the Ngong and Kibera centers. I left the HEART compound at 7:30am this morning and reached the Ngong center at around 9:30. Traveling across Nairobi is always a challenge. When I arrived the women had already begun lifting their voices in prayer and song.    Freda, Mercy and Regina gave testimonies of God’s work in their lives.  The study went great, they were so very attentive. At least 15 attended.

From there I went to the Kibera center.  11 attended here. I know the Kibera women better than those in Ngong and I have been bringing Swahili Bibles to these 11 plus others who weren’t here today.  Finally, the last 3 of the group

Everlyn sharing about life with HIV and God's provisions at the HEART fundraiser

received Bibles.  Everlyn received hers a couple months ago and she says she carries it with her during the day.  She relates to us her stories of the different people she ministers to with it.  She lives and works in Kibera, an extremely harsh living environment.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she shines the light of God’s word into the hearts of individuals who are heavy laden.

Today I helped the women at the two sites to make sense of all the books in the Old Testament, we looked at the table of contents and I presented an overview of the entire Old Testament.  I am so very grateful for this opportunity!

Now, it is time to start buying Bibles for the Ngnog ladies.  Only a few of them have a copy in their own language.

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