Soccer – an avenue for truth

Reaching youth thru soccer

First time to sleep on a real bed

As soon as we arrived at Christ Care Children’s Home in Migori, the kids received their new mattresses.

the old "mattresses"

Previously they only had small, tattered pieces of foam to sleep on. What a great way to start our time in Migori!

We were there not only to help out these orphans, but also to help spread information about HIV by means of a soccer tournament and by giving tools for pastors and coaches to use.  21 teams (one girls team could not come because that tribe, Kuria, circumcised the girls and the girls had to look after their sisters who just had this incredibly brutal act inflicted upon them). They are seeped in traditions which bind them and hurt others Рespecially women. I believe that little by little their eyes are opening to the truth.

Vickie, HEART's founder helps pastors to come together in unity

I was most impressed with the pastors and leaders. They requested that we do a women’s seminar, they requested education for their “midwives” because many women die in childbirth. The young people desperately need to learn trades. While talking one on one with some pastors I found them very ¬†much lacking in biblical knowledge yet desiring to learn. They need to learn how to talk to young men about morality in a way which would begin to make difference. However, paradoxically, this promiscuous society has taboos which prohibit honest conversations about such things.


Teaching pastors and coaches about HIV

We gave support and education in several settings.

"we want to hear from the Muzungu (whites)" someone shouted, as they were about to get their prizes

189 tested & counseled on HIV

talking to soccer players & friends

talking to soccer players & friends

The Word convicts and trains in righteousness

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9 Responses to Soccer – an avenue for truth

  1. Brigit Hull says:

    Dearest Kathrine,

    Thank you for sharing what is happening in your life and in those you are living with. I am praying for you and your updates help so much to do it more specifically.

    It was very enlightening to hear that the pastors have a difficult time addressing issues of sexuality because it is taboo in African culture. I was hit with this thought– God has no problem being very specific about sexuality and what is honoring and not honoring to Him. I pray for diligence in seeking the truth and boldness for speaking the truth for all Bible teachers/pastors about these issues. For the truth sets us free! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

  2. Tammy Francabandera says:

    Great work! Life changing information is so valuable and needed. Praying that the information that entered their heads will flow down to their heart, where change begins. Great writeup.
    Be Blessed

    • admin says:

      Yes, it is in the heart where it counts. “God, may our heart’s listen to You alone”. HIV takes lives. We have the truth about HIV and we have the truth about how we can live abundant lives.

  3. The Molters says:

    Awesome! Praying for you.

  4. Terri Johnson says:

    Hi Katherine,
    I continue to pray for you and for those you are ministering.

  5. Pat Lucas says:

    Dear Kathy: It is wonderful to hear all about your experiences and the help you are able to give others. Your trip to the wilds was very exciting to hear, too. Glad you are being careful. Love, Mom & Dad

  6. rod gerhart says:

    Do you know a website for Christ Care Children’s Home? If so, please sent to this email:

    • There is no website. “Christ Care” is really just a group trying to survive. Wicklife, a pastor, who was himself “on the streets” for much of his childhood just took in kids when they were destitute. They are often without food; more than 20 people without food, it is dire. If you want to donate, do it through HEART – and they will ensure that the money gets to Wicklife. Thanks.

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