Public Transport to Kibera

Riding public transport to Kibera was quite invigorating.  The adrenaline activated my mind, so I’d be safe and perhaps remember the way for the next time. Walking from the Matatu to the bus meant looking like I knew what I was doing, trying to stay with Hellen and Alice amidst 1000 people, memorizing landmarks and being awed at the scenes. Now, for 6 weeks in a landrover with a driver, I have been amazed at the people who walk straight though an intersection directly in front of moving cars.  The fact is, if they didn’t do it, they wouldn’t get across…ever, or maybe at midnight.  So, my favorite part of this Matatu adventure was when we came upon such an intersection.  Hellen, a Kenyan said “this always terrifies me, I find someone crossing and just go then”.  So, that is what we did, and we made across alive. We got to the bus as soon as it started to rain, jumped on and then it began to pour. Alice didn’t push her way in fast enough so Hellen had to help.  I am told that the matatu drivers charge double when it rains.

 It was still raining when we were let off at Bombalulu’s in Kibera.  We walked the muddy road to the weep center, being as careful as possible not to slip and land in the trash.  (Dr. Hellen walking to the WEEP center)

We visited 2 WEEP women.  I learned that the first  (FA) mixes some traditional witchcraft ideas with her Christianity.  We read from the Bible about the supreme authority of God.  She couldn’t find her Swahili Bible and the translation was difficult so I ended up paraphrasing it to Hellen who translated.  But I know that the word of God does not come back void.  She did say clearly that she knew that we were sent by God.  Oh, yes, we are!   The alley next to FA’s house is pictured.

The second lady (Mary) we visited has been experiencing neuropathy which as very painful.  She had a small but great little garden which provided a great deal of her families vegetables.  Nairobi supports very lush vegetation and I am always delighted to see the many areas of flowers and colorful trees. The muddy trash of Kibera is hard to take, but in the middle of this, this woman claimed her plot and has made something very good. With Nairobi’s marvelous climate her garden grows well. Nourishment and Green in the middle of Kibera, what joy.  Good for Mary!


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