Heaven and Hell – Kibera

MaryLou thought her day was like heaven.  She felt the gratefulness of all the WEEP women she has been faithfully financially supporting. For me it was a day knowing the Presence of the King.  A part of me had dreaded returning to that slum – probably the largest in Africa. Last week, walking through the maze of shacks, mud and trash seemed like walking through hell.  This morning we got some very sad news – the brother of one of the women we visited last week came a took her and her son on a bus to her family in Kissi which would take all day. She was too sick for that.  She died the next day. One more orphan in Africa. One precious child without parents.

Then we heard about another of the women visited last week.  She came in to the WEEP center this morning and said that before she was visited she felt utterly hopeless, she thought she was going to die, but they prayed for her and the food she was given gave her much strength and now she is able to walk. She knows the prayers for her were heard.

We visited a few of the homes given to the WEEP graduates.  The current tenants were still there but the WEEP women will move into the homes in a month. Four homes were all attached to each other.  The first one was dark and behind the sheet that divided the room a woman was cooking over coals.  No chimney; hot and smoky. The others were brighter. The women getting these 11 x 15 homes were full of gratitude. 

They sang and danced.  The women and each of us stood up and spoke to the group.  Silvia came late but started talking about how grateful she was for WEEP, I asked to video her talking and I got a great clip. We gave them peanut butter, lots of thread and clothes for their children brought by Bayside.

On the way home, a car crashed into us.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and our vehicle didn’t get a scratch but the other guys car front was crunched.  Hope he didn’t have trouble at the Police station.

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