Freedom for Girls

The “Freedom for Girls” program – some of you have heard me talk about it. Girls fall behind in their studies and they drop out. Why is this? They do not have any means to take care of their monthly cycle so they don’t go to school for 5 days every month. Pretty discouraging.

Here is a picture of the 8th grade class in the Maasai village of Oldonyonokie which we visited today.  Out of 26 there are only 7 girls (though 2 of the 7 were absent today). The head-master was excited about the improvement since HEART has been helping. He said, it is in fact a girl who was #2 in academics of over 300+ students in the area this year.  HEART provides sanitary napkins and other support. 

Currently they are putting in a girl’s dorm.  Alice and I went with a construction consultant who was getting details for the plan to put in solar panels.  These Maasai women were on their trek for water when they saw us and wanted to look inside the new building.

Next week when Alice and I return we hope to provide some practical health education to the students.

September 22, 2011 K. Rubin

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