In Kenya at Last

Sept 21, 2011

Hello everyone,

After a good flight, last night, I finally in Kenya!  Kenya is as beautiful as I remember it. The weather has been wonderful and the grounds of the compound I am staying at is full of lush vegetations and colorful flowers.

Praise God for getting all my bags here safely and the great relationships that are blossoming here, particularly with Vickie and Alice.  In the photo below Vickie (HEART’s founder) is on the left and Alice (a nurse who will also be here for most of the 9 months I’m here) on the right.

Here with HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team) there are lots of Kenyan staff who I am meeting and will be working closely with.  Pray that together we will accomplish the Lords work with joy and camaraderie.  Also, there are many projects in many different areas, funded in many different ways.  Please pray that I quickly learn each of these.  And wisdom!  God Bless you.

Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor   Will also cry himself and not be heard.   Proverbs 21:13

Our work together for the sake of the poor, for the glory of God,



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